I first found a love for music when I attended San Rafael High School, under the direction of Mark Peabody. While at San Rafael, I took private sax lessons from Bay Area Musician, Marcia Miget. Marcia was, and continues to be now, a huge inspiration in my musical life. Marcia, as well as Mark, introduced me to music and passed on much of their knowledge to me. I fed off of their passion for music, and fell in love with the art form. I consider them both mentors, friends and excellent ambassadors of the arts.

After graduating from San Rafael High School in 2001, I accepted a music scholarship to attend Sonoma State University, under the direction of the late Mel Graves. Mel was head of the Jazz program, and ended up becoming another great inspirational mentor for me, throughout my musical journey. While at Sonoma State, I was privileged to learn under many excellent performers and educators such as: Mel Graves, Randy Vincent, George Marsh, Harvey Wainapel, Jeff Pittson, Charlie McCarthy, Kendrick Freeman, and Pete Estabrook, to name a few. During my junior year, I decided to add a Music Education degree to my current load of Jazz Studies. For the next few years, I worked hard toward degrees in both Jazz Studies and Music Education as well as a Single Subject Teaching Credential. That same year I met my future wife Christine, who just so happened to be a musician studying to become a teacher as well. I graduated, as well as got married in 2006 from Sonoma State University as a Distinguished Jazz Musician Graduate. I owe all of my success to Marcia, Mark and Mel. They have been my guides on this journey that I continue to travel today.

After graduating from Sonoma State University in 2006, I accepted a teaching position at Hall Middle School in Larkspur, CA and have been teaching their ever since. In both 2008 and 2011, my wife gave birth to our beautiful daughters Gianna and Eva, who have music in their blood. I really enjoy the challenge of instilling my passion for music into my students, similar to how Marcia, Mark and Mel instilled it in me. In 2006, I also began performing music professionally, and have been playing Jazz throughout the Bay Area ever since. Performing is my number one passion and I love to share my music with everyone.

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Backup horn: 159,xxx Selmer Mark VI

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